Life+ Times | Top 10 Vegas Highlights

10. Riding The duce (Bus 202)

“It’s Hot!” “Why are we walking?” and with that we hoped on a bus which just happened to pull up right next to us. Where were we going? Not where we ended up; unknown to my friends they were about to be taken on a low-budget tour of Vegas. Yep that’s right we rode the bus all the way to the last stop and back to Caesars (our original destination). I have a supreme appreciation for cities with public transportation, though I hate the bus in NYC i often take the bus in other cities to learn and see more of this new location. We saw gorgeous views of the mountains which I later learned from my boss is called the Red Rock . We also saw both poor and rich neighborhoods, spoke with all kinds of folks including Brooklynites (like roaches we everywhere! lol) My bus also informed me that the bus we took is affectionately called “The Duce”.


I landed in Vegas on the 15th around mid day Vegas time, it was some hours until any of my timeshare guests were due to arrive. So I decided to unpacking and take a look around, after seeing the size of the tub, I instantly wanted in! I drew myself a well needed bubble bath and sat, closed my eyes and just took in the sweet warm feeling of the water against my freshly waxed skin. Ahhhhhhh As I was preparing to get out I thought to myself; Why don’t I do this more?? and I instantly knew the answer. Besides the lack of such a fantastic tub, I DON’T RELAX smh I never sit still and any spear time I have is immediately filled with productivity tasks, social obligations and self-improvement hobbies. I also realized on this trip that although I “vacation a lot” I never vacation! I plan all these things in a short period of time and am always rushing to see and do it all. As my good friends say a vacation is when you do nothing especially thinking!! *Note to self ~ RELAX


8. Drunken Dancing Down Las Vegas BLVD

It’s about 102 degrees out, we’re at MGM which is towards the end of the strip and have to walk back to the beginning. Um yeah, when a random guy asks “Do you want to get on my tour bus?”, We say; “Yes, YES we do!” A this became a drunken party ride filled with loud music provide by the live dj. Turns out the Double Decker tour bus was a Topshop promotion so not only did we get a free ride, but a Topshop bag and Gift card as well!

7. PF Changs

I have always heard about and have even passed by PF Chang’s during my southern travels but have never stopped in. I am so glad I had the pleasure to do so not once but twice! Loved the menu, the pricing and who could resist a wide selection of Sake?!

6. Marquee Dayclub Pool Party

So I heard that sundays in Vegas is for nothing but Pool party’s there’s a whole host of them but we ended up at Marquee’s Day Club in The Cosmopolitan (I’m mean its only fitting). We had a blast chatting it up with a whole host of friendly strangers. From Asians to African to the very funny British ladies who create a quote of the weekend: “F*ucking Wonka!”  

5. My Bday Breakfast At the Grand Lux Cafe (The Venetian)

I love LOVE a good breakfast! I mean a “He-man” Type breakfast and The Grand Lux did not disappoint. The Grand Lux is a very popular restaurant, with many locations the  closest to my New Yorkers is  located in Roosevelt Field Mall (Queens). I have heard mixed reviews about the cafe from previous co-workers but still intended to try it out and what better time?! The service was eh but the portions were fit for a Queen and it was tasty to say the least. Prices weren’t bad either.

4.Fat Tuesdays Drinks

The amount of times I had Fat Tuesdays last week is crazy! Already familiar with this fine libation establishment from my Miami ventures it was a go to place especially when we learned about the mythical 5 foot drink which really only results in 100 ounces but yet and still we had to seek it out!! Fat Tuesdays was one of the main reasons # 6 & #8 on this list was so enjoyable! 

3. Clubbing At 1 Oak Las Vegas

How many people can say that on the morning of their 27th birthday they woke up with images of a Bunny??! lol Apparently I was so intoxicated I forgot about setting on the platform with the pole and the bunny!! Hmmm good times!!!! Vegas for some reason has mascots in the club, like I mean I remember blues clues being there. ?? I kid you not, I know my credibility is shot here being that I didn’t remember half the night but damnit Blues Clues was there! Free Drinks all night! Touching random men for no reason, stealing a cowboys hat and running into a British bloke who wanted to give me drinks just because it was my birthday…priceless.

2. Gondola

If you know me you know I’ve always wanted to go to Italy, one of the biggest appeals for me is Venice’s gondolas. It wasn’t Italy but it was fab! Our guide sang beautifully in Italian (apparently knowing how to sing in Opera keys in Italian is a job requirement) He also sang Happy Birthday to me in Italian as well!! It was a nice calming ride that gave me a better view of the high priced boutiques located in The Venetian.

1.The Venetian – Valentino Italian Restaurant

So wouldn’t you like to know why this is my #1?? yeah well you will have to wait for my Wednesday post, Cheers!


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